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Meaning Of Abundant Life As A Christian

 Are you a Christian that is a little bit confused by the word? In the book of John, Jesus told us he came to give us a life of abundance. The question that many people ask is, how come I am still suffering even after God promised a life of no lack. Most people interpret abundance as a life that has no pain or no sorrow, a life where there is no hurting but only peace and joy all the time — getting everything that we desire. This is a wrong misconception. Living a life of abundance is living a life of knowing that God is with us in times of happiness and in times of sorrow. God said that he might not remove all the issues that we are dealing with, but he will be with us through the battle. See scriptures on managing emotions

Are you willing to live a life of abundance? The answer is quite simple, all you require is surrender into the caring hands of the load, and he will help you carry your burdens. This will help you to live a life of joy despite the suffering, the pain, and the sorrow. The reason why we can be happy even in the problems is that we believe that God is taking care of us. The other way to live a life of abundance is to enjoy peace in the middle of the pain. As Christians, we wait for that time when things are going to be okay to live a peaceful life. It is possible to be at peace even in the middle of the wrinkles because we know that God is taking care of everything. The third way through which you can live a life abundance is letting go of the hurt and forgiving those people that wrong you.  View this article

The fourth way of living a life abundance is through being confident even when you are doubting — living like a content person even when you don't have it. Trusting God means denying all the evidence that shows that it is impossible to make it work. God tells us to live like the birds of the air those that do not bother to go to work, yet they get all their needs fulfilled. Therefore, there is no need for us to wait for anything to change so that we can live like God's kids. God is love; he is ready to attend to all our needs; all we have to do is to surrender to him.

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